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Why Choose A Green MBA from Marylhurst?

Marylhurst University’s online MBA in Sustainable Business program is designed for working professionals who are committed to creating positive change through the development of green business practices. This accredited MBA program is tailored to address the emerging needs of global commerce, while focusing on responsible business strategies and practices. Professionals with a well-rounded comprehension of core business fundamentals and sustainable strategies are in high demand today.

  • Earn your MBA degree in as few as 18 months.
  • Choose from four specialized concentrations.
  • 100% online, with no on campus residency requirement.
  • No GMAT required for qualified applicants.
  • Accelerated program format broken into five-week sessions.

Reasons to Choose our Online MBA Degree Program

  • Enjoy freedom to complete your MBA on a schedule that works for you.
  • Focus on one course each session to better concentrate on each particular subject being studied.
  • Evolve into a socially responsible leader with the ethical stance to garner respect and influence change.
  • Receive support from a dedicated personal advisor throughout the degree program.
  • Interact and collaborate with advisors, faculty members and your fellow students.

Choose from four concentrations:

    • Renewable Energy
    • Food Systems Management
    • Green Development
    • Green IT


Green jobs are increasing substantially each year, along with the demand for passionate individuals who are committed to environmentally, socially and economically sustainable business practices. Corporations, governments, nongovernmental agencies and nonprofit organizations all seek professionals with a blend of business acumen and environmentally focused knowledge. Possible opportunities for graduates of Marylhurst University’s MBA in Sustainable Business include:

  • Natural Resource Director
  • Energy Management & Sustainability Director
  • Sustainability Advisor/Consultant
  • Marketing/Communications Director

Sustainable business practices, and the green industry itself, are constantly evolving. Marylhurst University’s accelerated online MBA in Sustainable Business challenges you to think into the future while bringing socially, environmentally and financially feasible solutions into today’s organizations.


Expand your knowledge of advanced sustainable business practices and focus on the triple-bottom line: People, Planet and Profit. Our green MBA program is unique because sustainable business practices are integrated into each and every class. In our MBA in Sustainable Business, you’ll learn to seek solutions that promote financial viability, sustainability and social justice. Study fundamental business theories and strategies, as well as focus on green business initiatives and practices. You’ll learn which strategies help lower costs and decrease negative impacts on the environment, with the goal of helping you guide your organization toward greater profitability and sustainability in today’s global business climate.

Marylhurst University’s degree program gives you the opportunity to specialize further in one of these four areas:

Renewable Energy: The renewable energy specialization can help you gain the skills needed to lead organizations towards sustainable business practices based on a comprehensive understanding of renewable energies. You’ll examine and evaluate energy resources, including solar and wind, for their use as viable additions or substitutions to an energy consumption strategy. In addition, this specialization covers the economic and environmental pitfalls of fossil fuels and refined oil. If you are ready to be a leader in the field of renewable energy, this degree program will give you the breadth and depth of knowledge needed for success.

Green Development: Within this specialization, you will examine sustainable building and development practices. This specialization is ideal for professionals with a career path in commercial and residential development, building design or construction. If you have a desire to implement environmentally sound practices, this concentration will expose you to up-to-the-moment strategies through a thorough examination of next-generation materials, energy resources and building methods.

Sustainable IT : The infrastructure and energy resources required to operate comprehensive IT facilities put an increasing drain on power grids across the country. To combat this, many organizations are seeking solutions to lessen their environmental impact and lower their energy costs. With this concentration, you will gain the knowledge and experience you need to lead organizations through the next generation of technology advancement and the use of sustainable materials in all matters relating to the use, development and production of technology. If you are looking for a way to incorporate green technologies and practices into your information technology career, this concentration in Sustainable IT is for you.

Food Systems Management: The food systems management concentration within the online MBA in Sustainable Business program is focused on the management and implementation of sustainable growing environments and eco-friendly approaches to ensuring global food supply. This specialization creates leaders who are prepared to address food systems management in the areas of allocation, production, supply chain management, transportation and distribution. If you have the desire to become an outstanding leader with the ability to affect positive change in food systems management, we encourage you to explore this specialization.


Marylhurst University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) and all business degree programs carry specialized accreditation from the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), an organization dedicated to enhancing the academic experience through outcomes assessment.