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Power Your Future through Renewable Energy Studies

Renewable energy technologies continue to offer new opportunities for innovative thinkers who want to make a lasting impact on the world. The evidence is undeniable.

Today, even the most traditional companies have come to embrace green alternatives like wind and solar. Some electric utilities offer consumers the option to receive power from only green sources, while others incentivize their customers to install grid-tie solar systems. Wind farms can be found offshore and onshore, in grand oceans and small towns alike.

Hydrogen fuel cells are also big business as a desirable alternative that produces a large amount of energy with almost zero pollutants. Biofuels produced from cooking oil, wood, plant material and fermented starches also continue to emerge with new possibilities for global application.

A career in renewable energy can put you in a position to create a cleaner world, and thus, a better future for yourself and millions of others.

Pursuing Your Sustainable Business MBA Concentration at Marylhurst

The Sustainable Business MBA program at Marylhurst University offers you a comprehensive traditional business education with a forward-thinking look at sustainability and green business practices. It’s a truly pioneering approach towards green business, and an education that will help define the future of business practices across the globe.

We are dedicated to delivering an innovative online educational experience to eco-minded individuals who are driven by possibility and opportunity. Our goal is to help you reach your goals for professional development, personal enrichment and career advancement in the sustainable business concentration that excites and inspires you the most.

Online MBA in Sustainable Business with Renewable Energy Concentration

Marylhurst University has been offering online business degree programs since 1996, long before many other institutions of higher learning. As such, we can offer you the opportunity to study with an accomplished leader in online adult learning that provides a complete education and flexible scheduling within a completely virtual environment.

Through the online environment students and instructors can directly interact, creating a unique classroom experience for the study of sustainable business theories and practices. Choosing to focus on renewable energy as your preferred concentration will challenge you to:

  •  Learn how to influence renewable energy policies and decisions as a respected green business leader.
  • Develop effective strategies for planning, organizing and determining the economics of available renewable energy resources.
  • Explore advanced techniques for the analysis and implementation of renewable energy installations and initiatives.
  • Understand the interplay between environmental considerations and business goals, with an emphasis on stakeholder expectations, corporate values and competitive interests.
  • Define your personal ethical stance in relation to renewable energy technologies and opportunities.
  • Discover how to balance sustainability goals against business decisions without compromising your integrity.

Valuable, Real-World Renewable Energy Curriculum

Reducing energy usage, minimizing waste, and finding sustainable alternatives can make an enormous difference on the profitability, performance and future outlook of a company or an entire community. Choosing the Marylhurst University Sustainable Business MBA with a concentration in Renewable Energy can put you at the forefront of opportunity and impact.

When you study with us, you will have the chance to examine the environmental regulations and policies that impact business decisions, energy management, and the bottom line. You’ll learn how alternative fuels and renewable energy sources can positively impact business and marketing efforts, while providing a new perspective on energy consumption and conservation.

By the end of the program, you will be equipped to build a research-driven strategy for operational management of energy resources. You will have been presented with the technical knowledge required to implement a plan that accounts for energy usage, supply chain management, production, inventory, and Six Sigma practices. MBA-level coursework within the renewable energy concentration includes subjects such as:

  •  Alternative and Renewable Energies
  • Environmental Law
  • Finance and Sustainability
  • Managerial and Environmental Accounting
  • Modeling and Decision-Making
  • Operations Management
  • Principles of Sustainability
  • Research and Quantitative Methods
  • Resource Economics
  • Socially Sustainable Marketing
  • Strategic Leadership in Sustainable Management

Most important, you will you learn from educators who have professional backgrounds in the world of sustainable business practices. Marylhurst University’s faculty members have the first-hand experience to put complex theories into real-world perspective by sharing their own challenges and successes. Their objective is to help you prepare for an enriching career focused on alternative fuels and renewable energy sources.

Why Choose Marylhurst University

Our private, not-for-profit university has been in existence since 1893 and is recognized by The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL). Marylhurst also carries regional accreditation from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

We inaugurated our Master of Business Administration program in 1990, and became one of the first in the nation to offer online MBA courses in 1996. Today, Marylhurst University continues our promise to deliver innovation in education with the first of its kind MBA in Sustainable Business.

Consistent with our heritage as a Catholic university, Marylhurst is also fully committed to faith-inspired values. It is our intention to educate leaders of competence, conscience and compassion who will work to create a more just, humane and sustainable world.

In fact, we have created our very own Sustainability Advisory Council to help us live our values of caring for people, safeguarding the planet, and conducting ourselves with integrity. We take our responsibility towards earth stewardship very seriously, and are an active part of the sustainable community culture that is so prevalent in our hometown of Portland, Oregon.

Our collective efforts to establish Marylhurst University as a model of ecological sustainability supports our students’ goals for responsible participation in a rapidly changing world. Your interest in renewable energy and other green business practices is an ideal match for what we have to offer. We encourage you to contact us now to learn more about your opportunities in this specialized field.